March 28, 2010

Garden - Day 1

So I've been planning and researching for this backyard garden for awhile now; even have a whole document to maintain my resources (lame!)

After a few days of phoning businesses for the best prices - with a mid day break of frustration crying - we got some supplies to get us started on the frames; knowing that the rest of the supplies would be picked up soon.

- 10 pieces of 2x10x8 lumber
- 32 really long nails (maybe 2 inches?)
- 4 packs of L-brackets with screws included (4 in a pack)

1.  We cut 4 pieces of wood into 4 ft. long pieces
2.  Predrilled holes, then hammered nails in to attach the frame
3.  Then attached L-brackets to the insides.  Easy peasy!

 Here they are being positioned in the byard.

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