June 14, 2010

Finding Treasure

I went to my local resale store to see if I could find some new projects.  The bathroom and living room design is overwhelming me, I realized I was no good with designing with fabrics while at Joanns, but I'm still itching for some creativity, so I turned to furniture!  Here's what I found!

{ Cute organizer for a desk!  Picture it painted glossy with a cute pattern/color lining the inside.}

{These would look great sprayed silver or oil rubbed bronze and installed as vanity mirrors.  Add iron tilting hardware and bea-ut!}

{I picture this glossy red. or turquoise. maybe yellow with glass knobs.  I would also paint the recessed panels a darker shade.  Not for $180 though.}

{blurry and sold. not bad. hate the hardware...}

{ Potential vanity.  Replace the fan drawer with a plainer front, change out the hardware, paint, add a carrera marble top and done!}
{I put a sold sign on this one - for $80 why not?  Then I was told no when I got home...Dining room china cab?  Bedroom dresser?  Take off the doors and there are 3 sliding drawers.  GREAT top surface!}

{Decent nightstand I thought!  But I didn't want to pay $35 for it}

{I thought about upholstering this in velvet and tufting it :).  It's too small for my giant couch though}

{West Elm Parsons look-a-likes right??  RIGHT!  Add some wood to make the legs taller, screw them together, lacquer it,  and you got yourself a double parsons fit for an office!}

{Not so bad looking}

{Someone is using these somewhere - sold}

{Take off the doors to reveal shelves, change the hardware to Anthro knobs or horizontal pulls, restain it, what do you think?}

{What a great kitchen island!! Or craft table!  This piece is SOLID and beautiful!}

Is the design world tricking me into thinking these are great pieces?  Cuz sometimes, I don't trust what I'm imagining...maybe they are just straight up U-G-L-Y? Anybody?  Well, I walked out with none of them, but some of these! :)

 {an iron pineapple that I turned into an accessory/card stand $5}

{a beautiful iron cookbook stand, adjustable, with weights! $10}

{glass textured bowl $0.50}

{a new tool tin $0.50}

{vases/new sponge holder $0.50 each}

{urns - will change the color - $0.50-$1.00}

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