June 16, 2010

Mini Office

Here's my "normal" office that I really do not use very often.  I cheated and put in a nicer chair just for the picture - don't judge :)  My green desk makeover sits happily here, but I'm tempted to boot it over to the window once the couch leaves.

Most days though, my "office" is in the living room!  (the joys of owning a laptop!)  Today, it looked like this:
 My lovely assistant, Miss Springsteen 

Happily blogging now! See?

* I'm off to Austin tomorrow to help my bestie with her new house!  I'm pretending it's like my first design job!  We're only painting, but still!  I hope to do lots more while I'm there!


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  1. Too cute! I love the green desk! Haha... we always had our laptops out in the living room in college, too. :P


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