June 15, 2010

Stealing Headboards

ok, not really stealing them, but stealing the look and construction of headboards because I want to make my own!  I'm not willing to shell out $400+ for headboard and another $400+ for the rest of the frame.  No thanks.

I used to think I would go for an ornate, loopy shape like these:
 * I really like the naked one! Hmmm...plus the J.Adler and Nate Berkus'...sigh!

*Grace, you are amazing, can I be you?

*sigh, i adore this room every time! 
House Beautiful

House Beautiful

 Nate Berkus found @  So Haute
I also like rectangular frames - but not as much.

*Good templates to try yourself!

But then I found THIS - yeah, take a moment - and I LOVE!  

: tufting : check!
: shapely : check!
: plushy : check!
: stylish : check!
: feminine : check!
: unique : check!
: neutral : check!
: flexible : check!:
: and a major dose of masculine for the man : check!
: diy-able? : chhhheck?

How would you even make this?!? I'm thinking do the border and tufting portion first as one piece and have it stapled where the scrollwork is.  I would take out foam/batting where the scrollwork is.  Add buttons for tufting, then place the scrollwork on to cover the staples and use the nailheads to cover scrollwork messiness.  Corners will take some work! 

I still love those ornate headboard shapes - I can't decide!


  1. love the blog izzi - we did a diy headboard that cost somewhere around $50 and we LOVE it. Messsage/email me sometime and I'll send you a pic!


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