June 14, 2010

Where to Begin?!

Rickshaw Design by Catherine Fitzsimmons.

I want all three to be my color palette for my house!  I really adore all of them, but I think the last one is too pink for interiors, so I'll go with the first!  This is when I wish our couch was white, light, or gray instead of dark tan - bleh.

After reading Julie's post on where to begin when designing, let's talk about why I like them!
* COLORFUL but not overwhelming
* classy, a bit of that country/coastal/beachy but can easily be glamourized
* graphic prints and patterns that are refreshing yet somewhat timeless
* breezy, effortless, comfortable but packed with style
* lots of white!
* it screams happy to me too :)
* playful, modern, bright, grounded
* alright...the more I look at it, the more country it's getting and I'm not liking that look for my interiors...

2. figure out your foundation colors and your pops

3. find pieces that have one adjective and one color.  So I'm thinking lots of white - it really shouldn't be a pop, it should be a foundation color so maybe white sheer curtains with one of the tops as a window shade or side stripe on the curtain.  definitely patterned pillows in these colors, and a navy tufted ottoman that will serve as a coffee table. 

RickshawFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Rickshaw by hydrangea on Polyvore.com

what do you think?  too much? too childish?  not elegant enough?  

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