July 2, 2010

Curtains are IN

Well, at least in this household.  I've always been scared of window treatments for the price they cost and for all the different styles, patterns, colors - I just can't choose!! 

We've been living without them since we moved in.  The first thing we did was take down the previous owners ugly green and burgundy curtains.  We moved the green to the dining room and it was unbelievable how much of a green hue it gave the living room.  With it gone, the living room breathed fresh!  So now, I'm looking for new curtains to keep the fresh, airy, bright look, but I need it for two purposes:

* Add style of course! (This is gonna be a toughie =/ I have no direction)
* Reduce glare on the TV

Here's the room that I'm working with.  I wish the windows had finished casings, but that's another story or project :).  The top windows are the problem ones; I'm not too worried about the blinds. 

I don't think sheer white will take out the glare, so maybe a darker fabric on top and white on the bottom?  Not a fan of color blocking, but...eh?  Might be ok?


then I thought maybe just some roman shades on the top and sheer curtains on the sides?  

other eye candy from Meg Ryan's home
 ok, no window treatments here, but love the ottoman and pineapple table :)

plain white?

same couch color as mine 'cept the walls are white!  Now I want to repaint :)
My walls are a sandy color and while I love it, I don't love it with the couch or with the kitchen table.
i like this loft :) and its colors like the orange rug :)

or something CRAZY?!

i'm tired of searching and not particularly loving any of my choices sooo - i'm out!

xoxo, isabel

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