July 6, 2010

heart skips for: cannelle et vanille

Ok, dumb-butt (myself), why have I not favorited anything on flickr??!!  Whilst checking my flickr stats, I clicked on Elaine's favorites and found this amazing pasty chef who self-taught her food styling and takes amazing photographs.  She started with a Canon Rebel XT (which I embarrassingly still have) then upgraded to a 50D and now uses a 5D.  Seeing as how I just bought a new film slr,  I guess I'll need to wait a bit for a new dslr =D.

See, here I go again - back and forth on this film vs. digital pov!  How do I want to distinguish myself as a photographer?  We'll see as I keep playing around.

Anywaz, Aran's photographs are lovely!  She is amazing; check her out here!
Aran @ cannelle-vanille
*Aran, I'm sorry if you found this by accident!  I tried emailing you to ask for permission on your photos, but it bounced back!  I love your work!!!*

and please check out my own right here - I had so much nerdy fun!  :)  I realized today that it's time to look for some linens and distressed wood surfaces to add to my accessories store! :)

ok, now I really want to take my photos down after a quick up-scroll, down-scroll to compare pics with Aran...bleh

xoxo, isabel

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