July 5, 2010

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ok.  I WANT TO BE A PHOTOGRAPHER and stylist.  It doesn't matter what I'm looking at - food, interiors, products, babies, weddings, animals...it all comes down to the photography and styling for me.

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I love all the tiny details that others regard as silly but can actually *make* the shot.  Get off my back if I want my cupcake wrapper folded neatly down as a doily for my cupcake!  Save your comment if you're about to tell me that the blanket I'm about to drape over this chair is pointless.  Forget rolling your eyes at me as I position my favorite bowl in the background. Stand back yee negativitors! yes, i know that's not a word, spell check.

I NEED to make use of my cameras better.  Yes, I have more than one great camera.  But what is there to take pictures of?!  Bah, humbug - NOTHING!  Seriously!!!  I want to photograph things of mine, but I don't make/design/do anything.  I spend 95% my summer days browsing the blog-o-sphere, falling in love with what other people do.  Quite depressing.  So I'm starting a list; an A-Z list which I often use in my 3rd grade classroom :)  The theme is: "style-able".  Leaving it open to interpretation.  We'll see how that goes...with that big, broad theme...check back in a few days when I start shooting!

An easy "style-able" is food.  I love food styling as mentioned here.  I don't cook a lot though I enjoy it; I have been known to make something, just so I can style it and photograph it! 

[ hummingbird cake by yourstruly-100% film]
the print is STUNNING; ignore the scanned res. & too thin icing layer in the middle
It's the most accessible thing to me!  Food changes daily, has many components to it, it's colorful, straight from nature, and makes people salivate even if the photography isn't great.  Sharing a meal together is beautiful!  Preparing it - fun, a labor of love.  I do feel wonderful when someone says, "oh-my-god, this is soo good; the best you ever made".  Cooking is soo much easier to not mess up than decorating a room. :)

I love the feeling of giving something that I made, to somebody and bringing them some sort of happy sustenance. 
 If it's cooking, a gift, decorating, a wow picture of them, whatever! 

Food, is not my passion though; however I think that if I had more friends and threw more get-togethers as well as my $ out the window, it could possibly get high up there.  Anybody in?

Back to photography, I would REALLy like to stick with film because I want to KNOW the technicalities of a camera and know them well.  It will distinguish me from my friends who, are obviously great, but are editing their photos.  I want to not edit :D  Film slows me down to think about the shot instead of taking 100 nasty digital pictures to get one that's decent and manipulatable (sp:?).  However, I can't get past the convenience , free-ness (so easy to just delete), and speediness of a digital file...

[film master: Jonathan Canlas]

Thoughts, anybody?

Sorry for the semi-giddy with excitement yet debbie-downer post.  In the meantime, check out a friend from college who is working that camera!  I have quite a few photo talented friends like Jason Huang of Table4Photography and my bestie, Elaine :)  Joy though, she's something!  Check her out and bring a napkin to dab away your drool!

xoxo, isabel

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  1. Isabel you are truly sweet. I am glad you've found your calling, I think you have a wonderful eye for style, light and color. Thank you for including me in this post, it made me smile (REALLY BIG!) :). You are right about film, I think everyone should learn how to shoot with a film camera before moving onto digital.

    To be honest, I miss working in a darkroom sometimes. Toying with the chemicals, making contact sheets, waiting anxiously for the pictures to develop -- I miss that.

    Anyways, keep up the great work you have going on here -- it's great!


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