July 5, 2010

photo of the day series

Dear 25 year old Isabel,

Today, it is Saturday, July 3, 2010 around 10:43 pm.  You just spent your 8th day in a row on your computer from rise-time to bed-time.  You were inspired, you liked a lot of things you perused, your heart strings got pulled on.  You pissed off your boyfriend by saying "coming from you who slept all day" when really you're just pissed at your own valiant efforts at wasting time and life.  Then you decided to vacuum cat fur off couches while revisiting a quote that said "A clean house is a sign of a wasted life", and said, "Damn it, I'm going to finish covering my kitchen chairs" to come back from buying staples to realize the staple gun's jammed and no efforts of will cure it.  So you got back on your lovely Macbook Pro and again were inspired, tugged on, decided to go comment crazy on Facebook to feel like you had a life and friends, found Joy "Jangles" Zhang doing awesome things and then you got majorly defeated. 

Well, you have 28 days before your summer ends with a trip to Hawaii!  You just made an A-Z list of things you'd like to style and photograph until that glorious trip to paradise.  Put the "non.cookie.cutter" interiors stuff on hold and pick up that camera.  You've got a daily project to wake up to now :)  Make paper flowers, pick up pretty tea cups and towels, order b/w film, wake up early to use daylight - you've got a photoshoot to style!

Don't forget to post your pictures to ffffound, tastespotting, http://foodgawker.com/, craftgawker, and weddinggawker

And then later, if you're REALLY conceptual, you can try a 365 self-portrait project like this amazing girl 7 years YOUNGER and better than you!  You really like her outfits and find her to be extremely gorge

xoxo, isabel

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