September 1, 2010

Jocelyn's Mama Pics!

My friend, Jocelyn, was so nice to let me take her maternity photos!  I emailed her back in July with "I'm still not very good, but..."  She looks SO GREAT for 7+ months - I hope I look as good as her whenever I have a bun in the oven!

At the session, I found myself doing a LOT of poses, which I wanted to stay away from.  I wanted more creative, in-the-moment, unique shots, but for my first time around I got some beautiful images.  I always leave shoots feeling really disappointed.  "I was so nervous.  I gave horrible directions.  I wasn't as funny and fun as I wanted to be.  I did a lot of boring poses.  I take too long."  Then I start seeing my images opened up nice and big on my computer and R walks through them with me.  He always helps me pick out the standout ones and tells me why they're good or how they can be improved.  His artistic eye is soooo wonderful to have!  I feel a tad better after that =). My pictures are typical for now, but more practice and I'll get more creative once I stop thinking so much about the technicalities of everything! 

I can't wait to do more!  Here's Jocelyn!








xoxo, isabel

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  1. those are cute.. hehe.. great job! awww man... i really want a new camera!

    ReplyDelete :) thx!

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