January 9, 2011

The Olivers

love the chandelier, headboard, and touches of glam

D Home Magazine recently featured the lovely home of Jamie Laubhan-Oliver and Larry Oliver located in the historic Cedars neighborhood of Dallas.  To read the whole story go here! All photography–the amazing Manny Rodriguez.

black ceiling??! YES!

i SO want a wood-planked wall!
there's something about pretty metal wastebaskets
Thanks to Rue magazine Issue 2 for showcasing the home of Dallas blogger, Atlantis Home, whose way eccentric home deserves a post of its own!  Perusing her site, led me to uncover how un-cookie-cutter DHome really is!  I've always admired their covers, but felt it was too uppity for me to ever buy, but it really is a great resource for getting to know a little more about how suburban areas can throw caution to the wind and thrive on uniqueness and local shops.

I'm looking forward to getting to know my area better!  A budding "designer" has got to have her little black book of resources and here's an easy, risk-free start.  I even looked at their job opening/internships to see if they could use a photographer =).  They have a listing, but they don't recommend full-timers to go for it. Maybe I'll try for it in the summer!  (I have GOT to stop making excuses and just GO for it, sacrifices and all!)

xoxo, isabel

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