May 19, 2011

Hallway upgrade!

My kitchen nook is getting closer to coziness!  Here it is in its drab before - 2.5 years of being in limbo.

First year:
 (nevermind - I can't find any pics from the first year)

Second year after painting the walls:

 Boring, weird colors and completely out of scale - go ahead and say it cuz I know it!  Sadly it remained this way until about 2 months ago.  Inside my green stands, I kept all my photo prints, random knickknacks, tools, ribbon, and worm feed & compost teabags - yup, a huge smorsgasbord! (ok, it's really bugging me that I can't spell that word!  I am an AWESOME speller!)  I was starting to outgrow the drawers, plus the stands were way too small and green for that space.

Now, here it is with things a bit more IN scale and I couldn't be happier.  It started with just the yellow dresser.  Then I found the mirror, but the mirror was left on the floor for THE LONGEST TIME!  Hanging the mirror has kept me giddy for about 2 weeks now! :D

Want to know how much it cost me to upgrade this tiny section of the house? :D  I'm pretty excited!  Ok, here it goes:

Yellow dresser - $25
Gold framed mirror - $7.99
Everything else - already had!  I especially love my iron pineapple for $9.99!
TOTAL upgrade: $32.99


xoxo, isabel

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