Simple:  I don't want a cookie cutter home made out of a cookie cutter house.  You don't always get the house with the charm built in, but you can sure design it that way...  and design it on a chic budget.

What's my style?  I'm drawn to all sorts, but I would say I want my house to be crisp, inviting, punchy (colors), graphic, happy and sophisticated - like below!
jen ramos of madebygirl

This blog is mainly an outlet to keep track of all the snazzy interiors I love without taking up precious computer space, plus show off my house, the things I collect/make/photograph, and ultimately, things I wish I could have in my house. 

So here's to suburban homes decorated in a way!

Voice in my head

"Be a first-rate version of yourself, not a second rate version of someone else"

"Don't judge your insides by others' outsides"