April 2, 2010

Garden - Days 2 and 3

Day 2:
1.  We removed 3 trees and transferred to R's parental's yard.  They're yard is looking like paradise now!
2.  We weeded; man do I hate weeds!
3.  We shoveled and dug the ground out so that the beds would sit level.
4.  Then dug out the ground on the inside so that it would be level.

Day 3:
1. Finished digging out the ground with a tiller - MUCH easier!
2. We took the dirt and used it to fill in the site for our rain barrel, plus to fill in the gaping holes where the trees used to be.  We'll use those places for butterfly and bee attracting plants as well as some berry bushes.  YUM!
3.  I planted all my above ground seeds in random things to get them started: 2 kinds of cucs, 2 kinds of tomatoes, 2 kinds of green beans, peas, limas, cilantro, green onions, broccoli and cauliflower.  I saved the root plants and lettuce plants for when the beds are finished.

R is really wanting to grow some watermelons and canteloupe :)  That should be exciting!

My only thing now is to figure out a way to cheaply reproduce these plants so that I don't need to keep buying more seeds/plants.  Check out this lady, Sharon Tregaskis, who's been producing lots just from a budget of $75!  I've already spent way more than that!  I read about her in my Organic Gardening magazine...I'll try to find a link later...

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