August 19, 2010

Jon's Boston Retreat

My cousin Jon just got his teaching degree (YIPPEE!) and is onto a bigger and better rental house!  I'm so jealous that he lives in Boston :D

He wanted help designing his room and who did he call on?  ME!!!  It's been a little slow and more challenging since we're doing everything virtually - but he's been amazing even with his insane schedule! He says, "Overall, I don’t want something too modern and sterile. I want something that’s very homey with a lot of warm colors that will be relaxing to be in."  Add in some dark furniture and no painting, and we got ourselves started!

Here's what I sent him before I left for Hawaii.  It's been about 4 weeks now and I need to check back in with him to see how its coming along!  The first couple are his inspiration "moodboard" (i kinda hate that word; need to find a new term) and the rest are layout options.  Can you tell which one I like best? haha!

 I am loooving google sketchup!  Sometimes, it's very difficult to use as I know nothing about CAD drawings and axes and uploading (which it isn't), but I made it work for me :).  I ESPECIALLY love the ability to rotate to any angle - amazing.  Nice little touch to add the person in for scale, huh?

Well, first design project part 1 done!  Now it's time to make him some pillows and make it homey after a long day of outrageous 15 year old physicists.

Much thanks, Jon!
xoxo, isabel


  1. wow izz! you should just forget about teaching and be a full on interior designer =)
    i know you will love it!

    ps..sketch up is a pain to work with, at least in my opinion..

  2. wennnyy!!! Thanks for the kind words! <3

    ReplyDelete :) thx!

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