July 9, 2010

going baking crazy!

This week I've been busy!  First, I started my photo-styling project with some food, because naturally, I was hungry!  Craving a little protein, but not wanting to bust out meat, I boiled some eggs and decided to photograph them shoddily :D

See, I told you.  No, really, you can say it!  It's ridiculously stupid.

Then I started on my zig zag pillow because I realllllly wanted to knock-off some expensive-ass pillows for super cheap and my living room needed a new color scheme.  Pictures and post to come! 

All of a sudden, I went baking crazy.  Dad's birthday is on July 4th and I was really craving brownies, so Congos ensued.  They are a little chocolate chip cookie in a brownie consistency - delish!  My lil bro helpfully played styling assistant, but that quickly led to "I want to see how high I can stack them!" and getting his almost-black-tan hands all over them.  Oh high school boys :)  Dad also on a whim stuck his face in the shot -silly.

I made some OFF THE HOOK banana-berry muffins last weekend for the other family.  Sooo perfectly baked, they were moist, dense, lots of flavor without overpowering yummyness!  Gone in 1.5 days means make another batch!  And this time, style them :)  They weren't as perfect as the first batch, but still down-right good and GREAT for my lil project.  I didn't even get laughed at by R.!  

Finished the pillow - learned a lot of mistakes and wrote them down to prevent the next one from being too shabby.  And then, had a strong desire to make puffy pastry dough by hand :)  What goes well with that?  Hmm...apple turnovers, neopalitans, maybe cream puffs?!

look at all the layers I created!!!  'Scuse the nasty picture.

Lastly, I went on a mock trash the dress photoshoot last night.  Took some horrible horrible pictures, made some more friends, and heavily doctored up some images to see if they were salvageable.  Downtown Dallas looks GREAT at night!  I want to go back for more, especially in the walkway where Campisi's is.  Molly - you know you want to come with!

That's a wrap!  I just contacted a friend to see if she wanted maternity pics and am going to email a coworker about her 6 month old.  I need to get more practice and I need to get myself out there!  Scary!

xoxo, isabel

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  1. Okay wow woman you've been on a BAKING FRENZY!!!! Are you in Dallas? We need to cook together ASAP -- btw, your puff pastry looks fabulous!


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